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Qing dynasty

Healing Harp-Investigation of Peace-


Release date: March 4, 2020

Product number: CHCD-1027

☆ Supervised by active music therapist "Nagasaka Hope" ■ By harpist "Seishokuka" who performs solo, ensemble, orchestra, etc. all over the country, from his own repertoire, with songs that can deeply enjoy the charm of harp , A royal road healing classic work.
■ Certified as a music therapist in both Japan and the United States, while American music therapists are paying attention to the characteristics of harp, "a gentle tone with rich harmonics" and "not only monophonic but also chords can be played at the same time". In response, why not experience the ultimate healing under the supervision of music therapist "Nagasaka Hope" who actually uses music to perform music therapy at facilities for the disabled and elderly care facilities. .. ♪

Included songs

1. Bach: Prelude
2. Handel: Make me cry
3. Debussy: A maiden with flaxen hair
4. Bach: Lord, the joy of man's desire
5. Pachelbel: Canon
6. Amazing Grace
7. Grieg: Solvaig's Song (from Peer Gynt No. 2)
8. Bach: Arioso
9. Handel: Largo (Ombra mai fu)
10. Lunier: Sketch (from the album page)
11. Peshetti: Sonata in C minor, 2nd movement
12. Bach: Sarabande Partita No. 1 in B minor
13. Caccini: Ave Maria
14. Beethoven: Moonlight
15. Bach: Andante Unaccompanied Violin Sonata

There are various sounds in the sounds we usually hear.

And some of them are sounds that you hear but don't hear.

This inaudible sound is called a "harmonic". A harp is an instrument in which all strings are open.

Therefore, even when you pluck only one string, almost all the strings that correspond to the overtones vibrate and sound. This resonance of the overtones may be one of the reasons why the harp tone is soft and enveloping, and makes people feel comfortable.

The harp is said to have existed in 4000 BC and is a musical instrument with a long history that appears in Egyptian mural paintings and ancient lyric poetry. The Old Testament tells the story of the lyre master David playing music to rest and heal King Saul's heart. Perhaps the ancients knew that the rich tone of the harp would heal people without reason.

Even today, music therapists are working with harps not only in Japan, but around the world, and harp therapists are working in hospitals and long-term care facilities. Now, please feel the rich overtones surrounded by the sound of the harp that has healed us humans since ancient times.

Music therapist Nozomi Nagasaka

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