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Gamelan local recording latest version

Earth Sound Prescription in BALI
~ Gender Wayang ~ Series

The YouTube channel "CROIX HEALING", which is rich in high image quality and high sound quality such as 4K videos and binaural sound sources, is a channel that has the mystery and healing elements of the world supervised by doctors and experts active in various fields. is.

A special album that organizes the healing songs used in the video is completed!

Please spend a wonderful time with the music of CROIX HEALING.


Music therapy has a long roots and has been recognized for its effectiveness since ancient civilization. Aristotle found a clear medical value in music. Doctor Asclepius who actually recommended music to people with emotional injuries. The Old Testament also states that "David cured Saul's depression with a lyre," and the Egyptians called music a "soul meds." It is said that the Persians cured their illness with the sound of a lute (a stringed instrument like a guitar). Using the physiological, psychological, and social functions of music, we work with doctors, medical institutions, and specialists to recover from physical and mental disorders, maintain and improve functions, improve quality of life, relieve stress, and immunity. The role of CROIX HEALING is to deepen and expand music therapy in modern society, such as ups and downs. Please try the health method and sound supplements that you can take from your ears. In addition to sleeping music, relaxation music, meditation music, healing natural sounds, yoga music, Zen music, etc., we also produce a lot of classical music that emits healing frequencies such as Mozart and Bach.

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