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Nature is always sending us love


Recommended by a mental trainer

Anxiety / Frustration / Stress Relief Healing

In the midst of the corona, the cramped days continue due to self-restraint.
Are you accumulating stress before you realize it?
With natural sounds and gentle healing sounds
Reduce stress and anxiety and spend calm days.

Many people may be worried about the outbreak of the new coronavirus, but it is important to have time to regain peace of mind no matter what the world may be.


How are you regaining peace of mind? What kind of image can you feel at ease? What kind of space do you feel safe and secure?


Can you now remember the feeling of being wrapped in gentle love? Let go of all your anxieties and thoughts for a moment and regain a sense of security.

Imagine an image of assimilation with nature while being wrapped in the sounds of the natural world and gentle melodies.


When you think of the natural world, the blessings and benefits of nature will regulate your vibrations and heal your mind and body. The image of the natural world revives vitality and leads to hope for tomorrow.

Nature is always sending us love.


-Mental trainer Fumiko Kato-

Natural sounds and gentle melodies flow slowly,
Calms the mind

Recommended by a mental trainer

Anxiety / Frustration / Stress Relief Healing

~ Image of assimilation with nature ~

Release Date: May 28, 2021
Product number: CHDD-1195
Image of assimilation with nature

tr. 01 Image of assimilation with nature

tr. 02 The power of green

tr. 03 Healing space for mind and body

tr. 04 Feeling at ease

tr. 05 Natural sound

tr. 06 Gentle sunlight

tr. 07 Image that gives you a sense of security

tr. 08 Hope for tomorrow

tr. 09 Natural colors

tr. 10 Feeling wrapped in gentle love

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To you who want to wake up in the morning and refresh every day

Can you imagine a river flowing in front of you?


You are now watching the river flowing in front of you by the river. Imagine putting something that comes to your mind on a leaf and letting it flow into the river. The images that come to mind one after another are flushed into the river. The sounds and melodies of the natural world will gently invite you to the world of images.


This is a practice of letting go of attachment. I will let go of the memories and words that hurt you, the idea that "it must be like this", and the things that are unnecessary for me, while imagining them flowing into the river.


No matter how many times anxiety comes, the thoughts and images that hurt me will continue to flow into the river. Then you will find that your mind is getting lighter and easier.


No matter what!

We can live regardless of events and the environment.


-Mental trainer Fumiko Kato-


With the refreshing feeling of the sound of water and the gentle healing melody,
Your mind and body will be deeply healed

Anxiety, frustration, and stress relief healing recommended by mental trainers-Image of flowing into the river-

Release date: June 4, 2021 Part number: CHDD-1196
Image of assimilation with nature

tr. 01 Image of assimilation with nature

tr. 02 The power of green

tr. 03 Healing space for mind and body

tr. 04 Feeling at ease

tr. 05 Sounds of nature

tr. 06 A neutral color between green and blue
tr. 07 Moisturizing time
tr. 08 Calm river flow
tr. 09 A feeling of clear air
tr. 10 Gentle sound that prepares the mind

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Fumiko Kato

Mental trainer

American NLP Association Certified Trainer / Corporate Training Lecturer

Graduated from Tsukuba University, completed the clinical course of education at Chiba University Graduate School. My heart was easily hurt and I felt suffocating to live, but when I was a company employee, I encountered psychology and why my heart soon became painful. The mystery of whether it is solved. After that, as I tried myself while studying psychological methods around the world, I realized that "meditation" was an effective method. Lectures, lectures, workshops, and writing activities are held with the desire to collect techniques that make "meditation" easy in daily life and convey it to people who are similarly troubled. Currently, while serving as a corporate training instructor at Miki House, Funai Research Institute, Fuji TV, etc., he has a concentration that incorporates "meditation" in various situations such as professional athletes, corporate managers, teachers, children, and parents. It tells how to raise and how to approach stress.


"Mental HEART THINKING that turns difficulties into opportunities" (President)
"How to Build Confidence to Change Your Life Change The Label" (Sanctuary Publishing)
"Overcome anxiety! Technology to free you from anxiety ”(Gokigen Business Publishing)
"A magical picture book that quickly eliminates the frustration of child-rearing" (Gakken Plus)
"Gokigen Method 66 that makes your heart clear and energetic" (Suiosha)
"71 technologies to cleanly eliminate stress" (Toyo Keizai Inc.)
"The habit of" meditation "that prepares your life" (Nihon Jitsugyo Publishing Co., Ltd.)
"It's okay to go up! Technology to overcome sickness in 3 seconds ”
"Call a miracle! Invincible Sports Mental "
"Any trouble can be solved in 5 minutes! Life changes! Problem-solving question technique "
"Picture book poop prince that rejuvenates the heart" (Gokigen Business Publishing)

Many books such as.

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