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"Healing Cello-Whisper of the Forest"
Classy Moon


Release Date: December 4, 2019

Part number: CHDD-1020

■ A moment of bliss, a forest bath of music ...

・ As a "forest whisper", "natural sounds of the forest" such as "birds and insects barking" and "trees buzzing" are laid between songs and in the background to make you feel like you are walking in the "healing forest". ..

・ "Soft tone of cello and piano" and "whisper of the forest" will deliver comfortable "healing" and "peace".

■ Recommended by an active music therapist. Nozomi Nagasaka, a music therapist who has been certified as a music therapist in both Japan and the United States and is actually providing music therapy at facilities for the disabled and nursing homes for the elderly, will send you a testimonial.

recorded music
1. Fauré / Sicilienne
2. Mozart / Ave Verum Corpus
3. Elgar / Salut d'Amour
4. Schumann / Troimerai
5. Boccherini / Menuet
6. Bach / Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude
7. Dvorak / Humoresque
8. Pachelbel / Canon
9. Mendelssohn / On the wings of the song
10. Paradis / Siciliana
11. Saint-Saens / Swan
12. Debussy / Romance
13. Mendelssohn / Songs Without Words
14. Fauré / Elegy
15. Godard / Joslan's childhood song

"Which song is the healing song?"

As a music therapist, you may be asked, "Which song is the healing song?" However, unfortunately, there are many different songs that heal your heart. Therefore, in clinical practice, we search for the favorite genres and sounds of clients who receive music therapy, and give top priority to the music they choose. For me, classical music is important music that heals me when I'm really tired. In "Healing Cello-Forest Search", you can listen to classical music masterpieces played by a warm and laid-back cello while feeling the chirping of birds in the lush forest, the dazzling light shining through the trees, and the refreshing breeze. I can. For hundreds of years, the universal charm of masterpieces that encouraged, comforted, and healed different people in different lands, and the deep and glossy cello tone and rich expanse of performances make you everyday. It will unleash your life and invite you to the forest. Please enjoy the low and relaxing sound and the gentle flow of time.

Nagasaka hope

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