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長坂 希望 (Nozomi Nagasaka)


MT-BC (American Music Therapist Qualifications Board Certified Music Therapist)

Japan Music Therapy Association Certified Music Therapist


Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music, Department of Vocal Music

Completed the Department of Music Therapy and Vocal Music, Faculty of Arts, Illinois State University.


Studied under Ms. Dr. Barbara Reuer, former President of the American Music Therapy Association, in San Diego, California, where she experienced wellness, palliative care music therapy, and drum circle facilitation.


After returning to Japan, I launched Rhythm in Life to help create a better life with music that values ​​emotions and resonating power, here and now, and clinical activities in welfare, education, medical practice and in the community. I do. In addition, as a part-time lecturer at Musashino University and Tokyo Rissho Junior College, and as a drum circle facilitator, I am working to make more people feel the power of music in local communities, companies, and international conferences.


His books include "Music Therapist" (Shinmizusha), and his translations include "Music Therapist Handbook" (ATN Co., Ltd.) and "Together in Rhythm" (ATN Co., Ltd.).


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“Make music a part of your daily life. Music has a hidden power to heal people, and works directly on each level of the mind as a "medicine of sound".

The ultimate healing classic work supervised by a music therapist! Soothe yourself and your loved ones' tired minds and bodies with beautiful melodies and gentle tones...

The soothing music of the two harps gives you a pleasant "harmonic effect" and "double"! ?

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