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What is insomnia? ] Symptom check | Difference from sleep disorder | Sound drug effect

Best sleep-a good sleep column by top specialists

Series 2 : Top Specialist

Hiroshi Bando


Integrative Medicine Japan (IMJ), Shikoku Island Division, Director


Do you feel that you are getting a good night's sleep?

In fact, many people are not able to sleep comfortably.

It is said that several percent of Japanese people suffer from insomnia.

It can be said that the causes are related to various stress situations such as work, home, and commuting, and irregular lifestyles.



1.Insomnia increases due to stress-Insomnia judgment check

It's easy to see how insomnia is.


[Athens Insomnia Scale (AIS)]

Choose what you have experienced at least three times a week in the past month.

① Did it take time from getting to bed to actually going to bed?

0. Sleeping better than usual

1. It took a little longer than usual

2. It took much longer than usual

3. It took much longer than usual, or I couldn't sleep at all

② Did you wake up in the middle of sleep at night?

0. It wasn't a problem

1. I have a little trouble

2. I'm in a lot of trouble

3. Serious condition or could not sleep at all

③ Did you wake up earlier than your desired wake-up time and have you been unable to sleep since then?

0. There was no such thing

1. It was a little early

2. It was pretty fast

3. Very early or couldn't sleep at all

④ Did you have enough sleep time, including sleeping at night and taking a nap?

0. is enough

1. A little short

2. Not enough

3. Not enough or couldn't sleep at all


This list is the Athens Insomnia Scale (AIS), a universal method for determining insomnia certified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Of those 8 items, only 4 items have been extracted for convenience.

The first four questions will give you a general idea of the trends.

Ideally all 0s, but some items may be 1-3.

In that case, the item with the highest score is considered to be the main type of problem with insomnia.

In other words

① → Sleep onset disorder: poor sleep

② → Awakening halfway: Wake up many times

③ → Early morning awakening: Wake up early at dawn

④ → Deep sleep disorder: I can't sleep deeply and don't feel like sleeping

There seems to be a possibility of the problem.

For a detailed and accurate diagnosis, try searching for AIS on the Internet.

As an important point

The situation of insomnia varies widely, from mild to severely ill patients in need of treatment.


2.Actual treatment Sleep disorders-difference between insomnia and sleep disorders

The terms insomnia and sleep disorders are also widely used in the healthcare field.

However, the meanings of the two overlap and are confused.

Sleep disorders need treatment at a medical institution,

Depression and mental illness

  • Sleep-related respiratory and motor disorders

  • Hypersomnia

  • Narcolepsy

  • Parasomnia

  • Circadian rhythm sleep disorder

Etc. are included.


3.Music used for sleep Ingenuity-Music that works for insomnia

"Music" is the strongest healing for insomnia and sleep disorders.

Speaking of playing cards, it would be the almighty trump card "Ace of Spades".

Music works directly on all levels of consciousness, preconsciousness and unconsciousness.

Therefore, instead of relying on sleeping pills, a great effect can be achieved by making good use of a large number of music from around the world as "sounds and medicines."

As an advice when choosing a song, usually choose a song you like or familiar with, but not for insomnia.

  • Unfamiliar songs such as baroque music

  • Things that are difficult to embrace, such as lack of lyrics

  • Things with little change in melody, volume, or tune

Etc. are recommended.

Relax your shoulders and soak in the sound as if you were taking a relaxing full-body bath in "sound / medicine".


Best sleep-a good sleep column by top specialists

The second part of the series was "[What is insomnia?] Symptom check | Differences from sleep disorders | Effective music" by Dr. Hiroshi Bando.

1. Increased insomnia due to stress Problem-Insomnia judgment check
2. Actual treatment Sleep disorders-Differences between insomnia and sleep disorders
3. Music used for sleep Ingenuity-Music that works for insomnia

Recommended music this time

Introducing sleeping music supervised by the top specialist, Hiroshi Bando.

Please try the sound that regulates the autonomic nerves and relieves the stress of the mind.


[Top Specialist Profile]

Hiroshi Bando


Integrative Medicine Japan (IMJ), Shikoku Island Division, Director After graduating from Tokushima University and obtaining ECFMG qualification, clinical training in family medicine in the United States. Her areas of expertise include anti-aging, carbohydrate restriction, music therapy and sports medicine. He participated in the National Athletic Meet as an ice skater (1999-2003). He is the chairman of the 9th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Music Therapy (2009). The 3rd European International Piano Competition (EIPIC) in Japan Silver Award (2012). President of the Japan Primary Care Association (2017, Takamatsu).

Editor-in-Chief (Editor-in-Chief) of 4 Journals of English Medical Journals of Diabetes Relations (Editor in Chief, 2021). Over 30 books, over 2,000 printed matter, over 200 English papers. Representative of Tokushima, "New Old Man's Club".

Official site:



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