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Music for sleep developed for better sleep.

Two products in the "sleep deeply" series developed for good sleep, with a sinking sensation that lulls you into a deep sleep.

The two works titled "Peaceful Sleep Deeply" and "Beautiful Sleep Deeply" are sleep support works recommended for those who are still troubled by the many restrictions and constraints of daily life.

Beautiful sleep deeply" is called "the frequency of the universe" and uses 432Hz, the same frequency as that of water, which is a very pleasant frequency for humans, who make up about 70% of their body.

This is music for sleep developed for a good night's sleep, with a gentle and fantastic sound that envelops your tired mind and body, inviting you to a comfortable sleep. For a deep and comfortable sleep♪


List of Delivery Services▶

Title:peaceful sleep deeply


Release:December 10, 2021


List of Delivery Services▶

Title:Beautiful sleep deeply


Release:December 17, 2021


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