Comfortable shamisen and charming songs lead you to a time of eterni

Amami's traditional culture, "Shima Uta," has been handed down from generation to generation through a mixture of lyrics and melodies. This special album, featuring the "Amami Citron Award" winner Shingo Maeyama, features shamisen (three-stringed Japanese banjo) and songs as well as natural sounds recorded on site.

Amami Island has been registered as a World Heritage Site and is known as the Galapagos of the East.

Blessed with rare flora and fauna, the island is rich in nature and traditional culture such as the Oshima pongee has been handed down to the present day.

One of them is Amami's "shima-uta", a nostalgic and regrettable song with unique verses that makes us feel the various histories of Amami.

In this album, Shingo Mae, who has won the Amami Citron Award for his outstanding performance, is featured on the shamisen and sings beautifully.

The beautiful shamisen music, the authentic sounds recorded in the field, the traditional culture mixed with songs and melodies.

Please enjoy the Amami shamisen.


It is now available on CROIX HEALING YouTube channel!

RELAX WORLD / Amami Oshima(World heritage) Nature Sounds with Amami Shamisen

World Natural Heritage: Soundscape of Kyora Island, Amami Oshima

World Heritage Site: Soundscape of Kyora Island, Amami Oshima

The beautiful sea of Amami Oshima and the world of natural subtropical broad-leaved trees "Soundscape of Kyora Island" The "Chura Island" (beautiful island) in Okinawa is called "Kyora Island" in Amami. It is a precious area where endemic creatures live and biodiversity remains. The beautiful sound of the shamisen, recorded on site, gives the sensation of being played right there! Please enjoy the healing images and music of beautiful nature.

Sound Treatment - Nature Sound Trip with Amami Shamisen -" is the edited version of the music in the video.

The video of the healing Amami Oshima Island can also be viewed on the CROIX HEALING YouTube channel "4K Beautiful Orient | Oriental Landscape that Heals the Heart".