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<Tremin>a hot topic in the media

The popular train sound healing series with a virtual experience as if you are on a train and soothing music.

It has been introduced in the women's fashion magazine "anan" and the TBS Saturday morning information program "Marutto! Saturday".


Why do I feel so good when I ride the train?

「Supervised by Doctor of Medicine. “TORERIRA” -Relax with the train effect」

Why is it that when I am on the train, I find myself falling asleep?

「Supervised by Doctor of Medicine. “TOREMIN” -Music that sleeps with the train effect」

Why do I feel calm when I am on a train?

「Supervised by Doctor of Medicine “TORERAKU” -Music that is made easier by the train effect」


The Train Music series, supervised by Dr. Hiroshi Bando, a medical doctor, offers a virtual experience as if you are riding on a train, with soothing music.

It is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and other distribution sites.

Train Sound Healing" series supervised by M.D.

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The CD is now on sale at CD stores and e-commerce sites nationwide.

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