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This is a work supervised by Dr. Kanata, a best-seller and the number one ranked sleep book.

Life in the Corona disaster still continues.

With telework and home time becoming longer and longer, it is difficult to switch on and off between work and private life, and many people naturally accumulate stress and have trouble sleeping and waking up.

October 9th is Sound Sleep Day.

It was established by the Association of Sleep and Nutritional Counselors as a day to learn the importance of getting a good night's sleep and to learn how to get a good night's sleep. HP▶

This work, supervised by Dr. Kanata Tanaka, the best-selling author of the No. 1 ranked sleep book, is a healing work for those who have trouble sleeping, in which the peaceful sound world that gives peace of mind gently envelops the tired mind and body.


Dr. Kanata Tanaka's commentary is another fascinating aspect of the album.


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Title:Clinical Supervision Music “ A Prelude to Deep Sleep ”


Release:October 1, 2021


This is a collection of music for people who want to sleep deeply at night and wake up refreshed in the morning. Their rhythms lead you to pleasant sleep. Human beings have the power to sleep. “A Prelude to Deep Sleep” is designed to bring out your power of sleep and awakening by preparing you for your sleep with music. Our body and mind have the ability to synchronize unconsciously with the music we hear. This music you can use consciously in order to condition your body and mind after a busy day. Lower the lighting of your room, and turn on a small lamp. Recharge your PC and cell phone, but place them away from your bed. This is your “digital detox.” Enjoy warming up your body by taking a relaxing bath. In the dim light entertain your sense of smell with your favorite aroma and your tactile sense with a comfortable fabric. Pamper your hard-worked self, and you can relax gradually and be ready for sleep. We support you for another hard-working day tomorrow with the rhythm of the evening created for you. “A Prelude to Deep Sleep” is our present to you which will certainly become a part of your daily life.




List of Delivery Services

Title:Clinical Supervision Music “Active Sleep ”


Release:October 8, 2021


Clinical Supervision Music

It is important to raise the level of your concentration during the day by warming up your body.

Are you suffering from lack of concentration or chronic fatigue? It is a significant characteristic of the COVID-19 crisis making you feel unfocused, unmotivated or unproductive when you aim to work hard.

It is because the situation such as tele-working or online meetings makes it difficult for you to divide “on” and “off” time of your work.

It keeps you tensed all of the time, does not allow you moments for relaxation, and keeps your sympathetic nervous system always at work. Constant tension reduces resilience by eliminating relaxation.

You need to focus on that relaxation consciously, so that you can work hard when it is necessary. You need to reconsider and pamper yourself.

When you listen to “Active Sleep,” dim the lighting of your room, and make the time all to yourself. Keep your PC and cell phone out of reach.

Listen to your body speak, and relaxation will rebuild your energy for tomorrow.

“Active Sleep” is a collection of music recommended for people who can no longer get uplifting feeling, or who find themselves reaching for their PC or cell phone.



<Supervisor Profile>

Kanata Tanaka

Tokyo TMS Clinic 

Doctor / Cook

Graduate of Fukushima Medical University, MBACourse, University of Massachusetts, Cook.

"In 2014, he co-founded BESLI CLINIC, which provides drug-free medical care to support working people.

After completing the TMS course at Harvard University, she opened the Tokyo TMS Clinic in Ebisu, Tokyo, which specializes in TMS treatment, the third treatment for depression.

She is working to prevent presenteeism and absenteeism in working women from female hormones, and aims to create a healthier future for workers in the corporate and healthcare fields.

Book: Investing in Sleep: Harvard's Guide to the World's Best Sleep

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