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Using sleep music is a good idea. -Hiroshi Bando, M.D.

The parasympathetic nervous system is dominant and the mood is relaxed. The sequel to the sympathetic nervous system version of the popular train sound healing series is now available!

Following on from "Train Sleep - Music for Sleeping with Train Effect - Sympathetic Nervous System", which was released on November 12, 2021, "Train Sleep - Music for Sleeping with Train Effect - Parasympathetic Nervous System", which was released under the supervision of Dr. Hiroshi Bando, M.D., M.P.H., is a series of works supervised by Dr. Bando. The "Train Sound Healing" series has become a hot topic, and has been featured in women's fashion magazines and terrestrial morning information programs.

<The "Train Sound Healing" series is a healing train music with a virtual experience as if you are riding on a train and calm music that allows you to easily experience that feeling of falling asleep on a train.

The series is supervised by Dr. Hiroshi Bando, a medical doctor who writes a monthly column on sleep on the CROIX HEALING official website, and his commentary on this work is also noteworthy.


Your heart is always beating, but you cannot regulate the rhythm of your heartbeat. But what about when the person you love suddenly appears in front of you? The reason why you immediately feel your heart pounding and your pulse rate increases is because your body's sympathetic nervous system responds instantly. On the other hand, what about when you come home after work, take a shower, relax, and have a drink in the evening? The parasympathetic nervous system is dominant, your mood is relaxed, and your body is slow and relaxed. These two nerves together are called the autonomic nervous system.

In general, the sympathetic nervous system works aggressively and the parasympathetic nervous system works defensively. The "brain-gut correlation" (the gut is the second brain) is now attracting attention. It is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, and maintains homeostasis through a surprisingly precise mechanism. It is the largest organ of the immune system, which not only digests and absorbs food, but also fights against external enemies such as viruses. What is important is the intestinal flora. By consuming yogurt and other fermented foods, we hope to have a well-balanced flora (flower garden).

The use of sleep music is also a good idea. When you sleep well, your physical condition and mood will be good, and your autonomic nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, and immune system will be healthy.

-Hiroshi Bando, M.D.


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Title:Supervised by Doctor of Medicine. “TOREMIN” -Music that sleeps with the train effect -Parasympathetic Nerve version -


Release:November 19, 2021


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