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Start preparing for a comfortable sleep while enjoying the soft harp tones of a classic piece.

Music Therapist Recommends "1/f Fluctuation," a Healing Classical Work with Harp that Gently Wraps the Body and Mind with Its Beautiful Tone and Rich Sound

The soothing sound of the harp lulls you into a comfortable sleep...

The overtone effect of the released strings and the healing effect of the "1/f fluctuation" that can be felt in the sound of a heartbeat or the flame of a candle will make your tired mind and body feel calm and invite you to a better sleep.

The CD, which went on sale at CD stores and e-commerce sites nationwide on December 8, 2021, includes a recommendation by Dr. Nozomi Nagasaka and an explanation of the music in the booklet.

From the time of the gods to the present day, the harp has been a musical instrument that gently envelops our bodies and minds with its beautiful tone and rich sound. Let's start preparing for a comfortable sleep while enjoying the soft harp sound of a classic piece. -Nozomi Nagasaka, music therapist

Some of the recommendations in the booklet are listed below.


List of CD stores and distribution services

Title:The Sleeping Harp - A Dream of Love

Artist:Classy Moon

Release:December 10, 2021


CD Release:December 8, 2021

Price:1,980 yen (tax included)


Supervised by Nozomi Nagasaka

Healing Cello - Whisper of the Forest

The Sleeping Piano - Moonlight

Healing Harp - A peaceful tune

Healing Harp Duo - Healing Duet

Music Therapist Supervision - Best Healing Classics to Regulate Autonomic Nervous System

The Sleeping Piano - Ave Maria

Namida Cello Classics

Supervisor: Music therapist Nozomi Nagasaka CROIX HEALING PAGE

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