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A little stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system is a good way to wake up each morning and fee

The latest addition to the popular train sound healing series, which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and improves sleep quality, is now available!

The state of emergency has been lifted and life is gradually returning to normal, but the cramped living conditions caused by the Corona disaster are still affecting people's mental and physical balance.

Many people have problems with sleep, such as difficulty in falling asleep, shallow sleep and not feeling refreshed when they wake up.

The "Train Sound Healing" series has become a hot topic, and has been featured in women's fashion magazines and terrestrial morning information programs.

<The "Train Sound Healing" series is a healing train music with a virtual experience as if you are on a train and soothing music that you can easily experience that feeling of falling asleep on a train.

The series is supervised by Dr. Hiroshi Bando, a medical doctor who writes a monthly column on sleep on the CROIX HEALING official website, and his commentary on this work is also noteworthy.


You love music, don't you? It would be great to share it with others.

A symphony is called a symphony because it is made up of the words sym (together, together) and phone (sound). For example, a distant sound is tele + phone = telephone.

So, do you have a passion for your work, art or love? 

The meaning is broad and includes passion, love, emotion, suffering, pain and pathos. To feel together is sympathy (sym+pathy, sympathy, attunement) and the nerve that feels together is the sympathetic nerve.

In humans, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves work in opposite ways to maintain a perfect balance. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems work in opposite ways to maintain a perfect balance. When we meet an enemy, the sympathetic nervous system raises our pulse and blood pressure and we are ready for battle. When we eat our prey, the parasympathetic nervous system takes over and we relax. In our daily life, the sympathetic nervous system keeps the body active during the day, while the parasympathetic nervous system allows the body and mind to rest at night.

This piece is a balanced combination of music and train sounds. The music will support you in your daily life. I hope it will stimulate your sympathetic nervous system a little, so that you will wake up every morning feeling good and full of energy to do your best today.

-Hiroshi Bando, M.D.


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Title:Supervised by Doctor of Medicine. “TOREMIN” -Music that sleeps with the train effect -Sympathetic Nerve version -


Release:12 November 2021


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