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Let your tears flow and detox your mind. Sad and beautiful classical pieces played on the cello, re

Namida Cello Classics", a collection of sad but beautiful classical music played on the cello, will be available on iTunes, Spotify and other distribution sites from 12 November 2021.

It is said that sad music with a slow tempo can induce nostalgia and a sense of calm.

Namida Cello Classics", recommended by music therapist Nozomi Nagasaka, is a soothing piece of classical music played by the cello, the instrument with the closest range to the human voice.

The CD, which will be available at CD shops and e-commerce sites nationwide on 10 November 2021, includes a booklet with a recommendation by Dr Hope Nagasaka and a commentary on the music.

The cello is said to have the closest range to the human voice, so we wanted to play the cello to accompany your tears. In recent years, research has shown that emotional tears release stress substances from the brain and adrenal glands, and that after crying, we feel calmer. Why not try shedding a few tears to detoxify your mind?
-Nozomi Nagasaka, Music Therapist
Some of the recommendations in the booklet are listed below.


CD Shop & Distribution Service List

Title:Namida Cello Classics

Artist:Classy Moon



CD Release:10 November 2021

CD Price:1,980 yen (incl. tax)

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