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​Healing audio content is now available on the online video distribution service "Hulu".

Started to distribute healing audio contents by Lifestyle BGM series on online video distribution service "Hulu".

Hulu starts distributing "audio content" that you can enjoy "while listening" in every scene of your daily life.

Hulu, an online video distribution service that offers more than 70,000 dramas, movies, variety shows, and animations, has started distributing soothing music as part of its newly developed audio content service on July 30.

In the "Lifestyle BGM" series, which will be newly developed in the Clore Healing Channel, which is already distributing video content, there will be a lineup of three works: "Healing from Fatigue -Sound Treatment Everyday-" recommended by a medical doctor, "Healing Aroma Blissful Moments BEST30" recommended by a medical doctor, and "BEAUTIFUL LIFE YOGA BEST30" recommended by a yoga instructor.

Using the physiological, psychological, and social functions of music, we work together with doctors, medical institutions, and specialists to provide music suitable for various purposes, such as recovery from physical and mental disorders, maintenance and improvement of functions, improvement of quality of life, stress relief, immunity enhancement, and the best music for relaxation. BGM" series.

Healing music will help you to relax.

Click here for detailed instructions.

"How to use Hulu

Video Channels/Series


Lifestyle BGMシリーズ

What is Hulu?

Hulu is an online video streaming service where you can enjoy movies, dramas, anime, variety, and more. For a flat monthly fee, you can watch unlimited access to over 70,000 titles anytime, anywhere. Hulu Premier" delivers foreign dramas that have landed in Japan for the first time, "Hulu Original" is produced by Hulu, and there is also a wide range of content that you can only watch on Hulu, such as popular TV shows that you missed, and live music. Live streaming is also available. You can also enjoy news, documentaries, sports, and kids' channels from Japan, the U.S., and the U.K. In addition, Hulu Store, a pay-as-you-go service, offers live streaming of the latest movies and foreign drama seasons, as well as popular stage performances and music events. Both Hulu and the Hulu Store can be viewed on any Internet-connected TV, PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Both Hulu and Hulu Store can be viewed on any Internet-connected TV, PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. Hulu's monthly fee is 1,026 yen (tax included). Hulu is 1,026 yen per month (tax included), except for iTunes Store, which is 1,050 yen (tax included).

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