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The popular "Train Sound Healing" work was introduced in "anan" magazine.

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

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The latest title in the "Train Sound Healing" series, which is popular for its healing train music with a virtual experience and soothing music that makes you feel as if you are riding on a train, was introduced in the July 2021 issue of anan. Music to Feel Peaceful" was introduced in anan issue 2264.


On sale September 1, 2021, anan No. 2264, "Sleep and the Autonomic Nervous System.


Please close your eyes and enjoy the world.

Title:Music for sleeping with train effect - Deep psychology

Music that makes you feel peaceful with the feeling of riding a train


Release:July 9, 2021

Number : CHCD-1212

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Why do I feel strangely calm when I am on a train?

Train Sound Healing" series supervised by M.D.

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