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Mechanism of sleep and wakefulness (1)-Action of [pineal gland] and [melatonin]

Best sleep-a good sleep column by top specialists

Series 4 : Top Specialist

Hiroshi Bando


Integrative Medicine Japan (IMJ), Shikoku Island Division, Director


Did you watch "Heaven and Hell ~ Psycho Two People ~" starring Haruka Ayase on the TV program that aired until the other day?

A story in which the souls of a female detective who is clogged up and a psychopathic murderer are replaced.

When I saw the names of Ayako Mochizuki, who plays Ayase, and Yoto Hidaka, who plays Issei Takahashi, she said, "Hahan, I see, it has various meanings. I felt.

What do you think



1.The sun and the moon are in contrast to each other


In the first place, everything is replaced in all things.

Heaven and hell, good and evil, sun and moon, etc.

If the kanji "day" and "moon" are combined, it will become "light", but the world does not proceed as expected.

There are various contrasts, and there are cases where a bright smile like the sun vs. a quiet watcher like the moon, and in this program, the full moon (Mochizuki, Mochizuki) vs. the new moon (Saku, Saku, the first day of the lunar calendar). ), Criminal vs criminal, woman vs man, brother vs younger brother, etc. are intricately interlaced.

An incident occurred on the night of the new moon, and the "φ (Phi, empty set)" mark appeared.

Both Saku and φ mean "start from 0 or 1".

By the way, the legend that a half-human half-wolf werewolf transforms on a full moon night has long been famous.


Originally, animals can sharply sense the earth's magnetism, attractive force, and atmospheric pressure.

However, humans who have evolved from animals are now dull in their sensors.

The gravitational pull of the moon has a great effect on both living things and the ebb and flow of the tide, as shown in the figure below.



2.The work of the pineal gland and melatonin-his melatonin that makes her rhythm of sleep

Now, in this series, let's talk about "the mechanism of sleep and awakening".

Have you ever heard a phrase like "the moon is full and you are invited to sleep"?

In fact, it is a medical theory that "the hormone that makes you sleepy 14 to 15 hours after being exposed to the sun is secreted and you become sleepy" instead of the moonlight.

The human brain has a pineal gland, from which a hormone called "melatonin" is secreted.

This will play a big role.

When we check the blood concentration, the concentration rises sharply from around 20-22 o'clock in the evening, and it regulates the internal clock in our body well.

In other words, it plays a role in keeping the body active during the day and resting at night.

Also, with aging, the secretion has dropped sharply.

Therefore, you can see that even if you can sleep well when you are a child, you cannot sleep well in middle and old age.


3.Pineal gland spill story-Third eye plays an active part in animals

Here, I would like to introduce one related topic.

From comparative biology, other animals actually have pineal glands.

It is an important brain organ that secretes the sleep hormone melatonin.

In fish, the place exists as shown in the figure below, and in many animals such as chickens and fish, it functions as a so-called "third eye" that senses light.

In fact, the concept of the third eye is broad.

In various academic aspects, it is also called "inner eye, pineal eye" and is sometimes treated in mysticism and metaphysics.

In the area of integrative medicine and yoga, the "chakra" in the middle of the forehead corresponds.

In manga and anime, Osamu Tezuka's science fiction manga "Third Eyes Toru" and Ultraseven's beam lamps are also models.


4.Is the body clock a 25-hour cycle? The role of melatonin

In the patient I was in charge of, the sleep / wake rhythm was a 25-hour cycle.

In other words, the rhythm of life shifts by one hour a day.

If you let a person live in a pitch-black cave without a clock for weeks, the daily rhythm will be 25 hours instead of 24 hours (free run).

Since the earth rotates for 24 hours, the body unconsciously adjusts to 24 hours, and melatonin regulates it.

In the past, there was no melatonin drug in Japan, and it was ordered from the United States.

Currently, melatonin receptor agonists are available in Japan and can be prescribed to improve sleep onset difficulties in insomnia.

It is expected to have the effect of adjusting the body clock when the night type or the shift in sleep time does not heal.

The name of the drug is "Rozerem".

It is also effective in preventing day and night reversal and "jet lag" of Olympic athletes, and a method of combining it with strong light stimulation is also introduced.

Do not make a self-judgment, refer to the Japanese Society of Sleep Research "Guidelines for proper use of sleeping pills and drug suspension" and consult a specialist.

Regarding the name of the drug, Roserem is derived from "rosy sleep" to "rose + REM sleep", and the over-the-counter drug Driel is derived from "dream well".


Best sleep-a good sleep column by top specialists

The 4th serialization was "Mechanism of sleep and awakening-action of [pineal gland] and [melatonin]" by Dr. Hiroshi Bando.

1. The sun and the moon are in contrast to each other
2. The work of the pineal gland and melatonin ~ her melatonin that makes her rhythm of sleep
3. Pineal gland spill story-Third eye plays an active part in animals
4. Is the body clock a 25-hour cycle? The role of melatonin

Recommended music this time

Introducing healing music that activates the "pineal gland" and promotes melatonin production, which was dealt with in the column.

Great for sleeping and relaxing! Please try it.


[Top Specialist Profile]

Hiroshi Bando


Integrative Medicine Japan (IMJ), Shikoku Island Division, Director

After graduating from Tokushima University and obtaining ECFMG qualification, clinical training in family medicine in the United States. Her areas of expertise include anti-aging, carbohydrate restriction, music therapy and sports medicine. He participated in the National Athletic Meet as an ice skater (1999-2003). He is the chairman of the 9th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Music Therapy (2009). The 3rd European International Piano Competition (EIPIC) in Japan Silver Award (2012). President of the Japan Primary Care Association (2017, Takamatsu).

Editor-in-Chief (Editor-in-Chief) of 4 Journals of English Medical Journals of Diabetes Relations (Editor in Chief, 2021). Over 30 books, over 2,000 printed matter, over 200 English papers. Representative of Tokushima, "New Old Man's Club".

Official site:



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