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Free yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend some peaceful time...

Beautiful music and images for the best healing.

We continue to live a life of self-restraint, but the stress is building up without even realizing it.

At times like this, it is nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a relaxing walk in the forest.

There is such a thing as "forest therapy.

According to the Forest Therapy Society website

Humans originally lived in a natural environment. The artificial environment we live in today is different from the original human life and causes a lot of stress.

It is said that forest therapy has a great effect in terms of improving the stress from such an environment, and heals people's minds.

Forest Therapy Society

Forest bathing has a variety of effects on the five senses for humans.

The color of the forest (green, which has a relaxing effect) -> Visual

Birds chirping and the sound of the river → hearing

Smell of the forest -> sense of smell

Being in contact with nature is very important for human beings.


Here are some music and video clips you can enjoy at home.。

Blissful bath time, meditation and relaxation time for you!

Four titles in the series that fuse nature sounds and healing music to create a blissful space.

The "Nature Meditation" series, which has a beautiful jacket, is a series of four titles with beautiful healing sounds of birds chirping and insects, allowing you to experience the ultimate relaxation time at home.


Title:Nature Meditation -relaxation spa-


Release Date:2021年4月23日(金)


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Title:Nature Meditation -sound spa-


Release Date:2021年4月30日(金)


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Title:Nature Meditation -pure spa-


Release Date:2021年5月7日(金)


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タイトル:Nature Meditation -sleep spa-




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Full of music for sleep, yoga/meditation, Zen, and concentration! The CROIX HEALING YouTube channel offers content selected for each season, supervised by medical doctors, physicians, and experts in various fields.

【RELAX WORLD / 4K Meditation Music】

OKINAWA Relaxing Guitar Music, Nature Sounds / Calm,Study,Sleep

☆CROIX HEALING YouTube Channel


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