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Experience the beautiful world of ice in 4K images to heal the days of intense heat!

Started distributing 4K high-definition videos with beautiful images and music to enjoy the icy world of Tatsusawa Fudo Waterfall in Fukushima Prefecture and Yokoya Valley in Nagano Prefecture.

Hulu, an online video streaming service offering more than 70,000 dramas, movies, variety shows, and animated films, has started streaming 4K high-definition videos of the beautiful icy world of Tatsusawa Fudo Waterfall in Fukushima Prefecture and Yokoya Valley in Nagano Prefecture with healing pianos as images to soothe the days of intense heat.

A piano echoing in the silence

Winter news from Fukushima's Tatsuzawa Fudo Waterfall and Nagano's Yokoya Valley. Please enjoy the beautiful piano and the quiet art of nature.

Location: Tatasawa Fudodaki Waterfall in Fukushima and Yokoya Valley in Nagano


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Chihiro Tan / The Sleeping Piano - Moonlight

A soothing piano melody invites you to a peaceful sleep...

As you listen to the beautiful melody of a classic piece, the sound effect creates a sense of floating, and as you listen to it, the piano sound decays and eventually ends quietly... It is an introduction to sleep and invites you to dream.

Supervised by "Hope Nagasaka", a music therapist who actually gives music therapy using music in nursing homes.


【Hulu CROIX HEALING Channel】

As a chloar healing channel, the "RELAX WORLD" series provides 4K high-definition videos with images and music specialized for healing. The videos supervised by medical doctors, physicians, and experts in various fields include those with many healing elements, such as the beautiful nature of the World Heritage Site Shirakami-Sanchi (Eternal Life of Nature), the fantastic sunset of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia (Splendor of the Beautiful Island of God), and the beautiful 4K videos of Kyoto, the beauty of Japan, such as "A gentle breeze in the bamboo grove in Arashiyama," "A garden of fresh greenery and tranquility," and "Night in a dry landscape. A gentle breeze in the bamboo grove of Arashiyama," "A garden of fresh greenery and tranquility," and "Dawn of Karesansui," are also available. As for the visual beauty of the Orient, we are also delivering a series of videos of World Heritage sites in Japan and Asia, including "Mysterious Blue Pond," a fantastic blue pond with a clear blue surface in the Shirakami Sanchi World Heritage Site.

In addition to 4K images, there are also videos that include many three-dimensional nature sounds recorded binaurally for a soothing effect in terms of music, which can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

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