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Earth Sound Prescription

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Promote serotonin secretion for a stress-free life♪

This is a gem of nature sound healing that combines the sounds of nature such as birdsong and waves with beautiful ambient music to promote the secretion of serotonin, a nerve substance that reduces stress.


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Provide the best healing experience with beautiful sounds and images.【CROIX HEALING YouTube CHANNEL】


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This is the music that makes summer cool. Why don't you cool off with the sound of the waves and the beautiful melody of the cool air?

「RELAX WORLD / Pure Ocean -peaceful place-」


Soothing sounds and relaxing ambient music, such as the sound of whales and water bubbles.This music is recommended for relaxing before sleep.

「RELAX WORLD / MORE DEEP sleep waves」


Surrender your body and mind to the gentle sound of water, which will lead you to relieve stress, and relax your body and mind, inviting you to a deep sleep.

「RELAX WORLD / Spa Essence clear blue」

Title:Spa Essence misty forest



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