Balance your mind and body with the popular Solfeggio frequency.

The solfeggio frequency has been gaining attention in recent years because of the scale used in Gregorian chant.

Each frequency has its own differences and is said to have a pleasant feeling when listened to and a positive effect on the body and mind.

In the midst of the still continuing corona disaster, many people are spending more time at home and complaining of stress and physical discomfort.

Let's live a stress-free life by balancing our mind and body with the solfeggio frequency, which feels comfortable when we listen to it and has good effects on our body and mind.



It is called the "frequency of stability" and is said to be effective in relieving physical and mental pain, stabilizing the mind, and bringing a sense of comfort when listened to, which has a positive effect on the human body and mind.


This is the basic frequency of the solfeggio frequency, which is called the "frequency of love." It is said to be effective in preventing and improving autonomic nervous system disorders by giving comfort to the sympathetic nervous system, and to reduce mental and physical stress by relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system.


It is called the "frequency of the universe," and is said to be effective in awakening the subconscious mind and promoting good luck and health.


This is the highest frequency of the solfeggio frequencies, and is considered to be the sound that connects to the higher dimensions and cosmic consciousness, activating the brain and leading to optimal sleep and relaxation.