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Close your eyes and focus on the sound to ease your mind from the stress of everyday life.

It's been more than a year since I've been living in the Corona disaster, and telework and self-restraint have become completely routine now.

It's not easy to find new hobbies and adapt to the current lifestyle, such as doing light stretching.

Causes of Stress

To begin with, stress is a state of tension that occurs when we receive external stimuli. External stimuli include environmental factors such as weather and noise, physical factors such as illness and lack of sleep, psychological factors such as anxiety and worries, and social factors such as poor relationships and busy work. In other words, various changes that occur in our daily lives can cause stress. For example, even happy events such as going to school, finding a job, getting married, or having a baby can cause stress because they are changes and stimuli.


"Listening to music is another stress reliever that can be easily done at home or on the move.

Listening to classical music or your favorite music, singing, or playing a musical instrument is also effective in relieving stress.


Introducing works recommended for stress relief and recovery.

The beautiful overtones of a healing singing bowl create a soothing effect, ideal for meditation and sleep.

Left:SOUNDSCAPES -Moments of Pure Bliss

Right:SOUDSCAPES -Moments of Pure Peace


Based on the concept of "harmony," the euphoric and divine sound that "heals the mind" and "gives peace of mind" is effective in relieving fatigue.




Recommended Playlist

Brain Stress Relief Healing - Alpha waves to regulate the autonomic nervous system


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