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The gentle melody is peaceful and happy.

A series of soothing piano pieces to listen to with your eyes closed will be available from November!

Lost Time: A journey to reclaim lost time

Autumn: Feeling the clear autumn air

Clover Field: Finding a four-leaf clover brings happiness...such a feeling

Compassion: A piano piece that gently accompanies you. The melody is soothing and flowing.

Selena: The beautiful melody was like the goddess of the moon in Greek mythology.

Moonlight: Delicate tones played as if bathed in the light of the moon.

Morning Voice: A scene of a morning, the melody flowing slowly

Calm Air: The gentle melody is like a happy dinner table, with a peaceful and happy time flowing by.

Sunbeams: As if a warm light is shining in

Dark Forest: A sad piano piece at dusk

Lalala: A light melody that makes you want to sing "Lalala

Floating Dream : The fantastic scene was dignified and beautiful

This is a blissful series of works recommended for relaxation and bedtime, where the beautiful piano melodies that bring to mind beautiful scenes gently wrap around the mind and body, and gently soothe daily fatigue.

A series of works will be released in 2022.

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