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(Croir healing)

Croix original

High quality 4K video library

Healing 4K high-definition video that uses the physiological and psychological functions of video and music

We offer a relaxing time with beautiful images and healing music.

This service provides high-quality 4K video content with original technology created by Croix Co., Ltd.'s state-of-the-art shooting equipment, capturing seasonal landscapes and cultures from all over Japan and around the world, and adding original music. is what you do.

Combining original high-quality 4K video content with original healing music, which is ranked high in the healing music genre cultivated over many years, the CROIX HEALING brand creates a healing space with a relaxing effect. We are developing healing 4K high-definition images that focus on beautiful images and music.

Using the physiological, psychological, and social functions of video and music, we work with doctors, medical institutions, and specialists to recover from mental and physical disorders, maintain and improve functions, improve quality of life, relieve stress, The role of "CROIX HEALING" is to deepen and expand music therapy in modern society, such as improving immunity. We propose health methods and sound treatments that incorporate vision and hearing.

Croix original high-quality 4K video content is a healing movie digital content asset (under This is a service by Croit, a well-being technology company that aims to become an asset.



The roots of music therapy are old, and its effects have been recognized since ancient civilizations.
Aristotle saw clear medical value in music. Doctor Asclepius recommended music to people with emotional disorders. In the Old Testament, it is written that "David cured Saul's depression with the lyre," and the Egyptians called music "medicine for the soul." The Persians are said to have cured their ailments with the sound of the lute (a stringed instrument like a guitar).

Using the physiological, psychological, and social functions of video and music, we work with doctors, medical institutions, and specialists to recover from mental and physical disorders, maintain and improve functions, improve quality of life, and relieve stress. The role of CROIX HEALING is to deepen and expand music therapy in modern society, such as improving immunity.

In addition to sleep music, relaxation music, meditation music, healing natural sounds, yoga music, Zen music, etc., we also produce many classical music that emits healing frequencies, such as Mozart and Bach.

Sound Treatment Everyday


Croit's high-quality 4K video data can be used not only for 4K video quality, but also for WEB and various distribution data by data conversion.
The healing 4K video with video and music has the original healing music sound effects, and the fact that there are no discrepancies in nuances between languages in the global scene is also a major feature.
High-quality digital data has great value and potential for use as valuable video materials and assets.

A group of 4K video content with high rarity value that is beautiful and kind

HD image quality content is widely used, but 4K image quality content leases are extremely rare and extremely valuable.

High-quality 4K video derived from healing music

We have a track record of delivering a lot of music specializing in meditation and sleep to the world, and the sound treatment with our own technology gives a high performance to the relaxing effect in the healing space.

Safe and secure content supply

Supports not only leasing but also new shooting Content is rights controlled.

Usage price (basic)

¥125,000 (4K video / 15 seconds)
*The amount varies depending on the specifications and contents (broadcasting, games, etc.).
*A separate fee will be charged for new editing work that matches the video usage scene.


As a scene to produce a healing space, hotels, passenger ships, apartments, shops, etc.

Subscription Video On Demand


Hiroshi Bando (Doctor of Medicine, Music Therapist, Councilor of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine, Representative of Tokushima Prefectural Sugar Restriction Study Group)

words of recommendation

do you like music Music is entertainment as well as art and culture. In addition, it has a great power to affect the mind and body as a "medicine of sound". This kind of effect has attracted attention and has been called music therapy or music health law.


So what is the origin of music? In ancient Greece, Pythagoras was famous as a philosopher and mathematician. He was also a musician and discovered the scale of Doremi. “Numbers, religion, music, everything has a rhythm. There is music in the heavenly universe, and it can be heard by those who have a clear and purified mind. It's important to send," he commented. He also respected the art of medicine and music, and emphasized the purification of the soul (catharsis) through music as well as the purification of the body through medicine. Catharsis is an excellent philosophy that can be connected to the present age by washing it away with water and becoming pure.

On this channel, excellent music and images with themes such as the universe, the earth, nature, the change of seasons, waves and murmurs are presented. The balance of melody, rhythm, and harmony is just right, and the transparent tones seem to purify your mind. Also, if you listen in detail, you can find "fluctuations" everywhere acoustically. Therefore, music that is close to natural sounds rather than artificial sounds will work on your heart and will fill you with vitality for tomorrow. As you spend your days, please choose music and video according to the situation, and make the most of it to purify, soothe, and heal your mind and body.

Nobuaki Tanaka (Doctor, Chairman of Bethri Clinic)

"Medicinal music" and natural healing power
Our job is to create joy and purpose in life for patients by overcoming their pain, sorrow, and pain. These painful emotions are generated by our own brains, triggered by events in the outside world. So you can heal yourself. Our job as doctors is to help create and heal patients' worlds.


Brain science and cognitive science are making great strides today. As a result, we have been able to understand the evolution of mindfulness and other psychotherapeutic methods and the mechanism of therapeutic effects.We create our own "real world" in the brain through the "five senses" of the external "real world". These "five senses" are strongly influenced by the state of the brain, and the "real world" created changes greatly.

Listening to fast-paced, fun music fills our "brain real world" with joy. When we listen to quiet, slow music, our "brain real world" is filled with calm relief. When you listen to the sounds of nature, the green of the trees, the blue sky, the sea, and the ripples of the white sandy beach fill up the "real world of your brain."Sometimes, when you hear fanfare, the "real world of the brain" makes your heart beat and breathe faster through the sympathetic nerves, preparing you for the battle ahead. In this way, our "real world of the brain" creates a fertile world through sound and music.Even if the external reality world is painful and painful, we can choose and create the "real world of the brain" by ourselves. This "hope" for the future can also release opioids in the brain through the Dopamine System in the nucleus accumbens of the brain, making the body painless. In other words, the brain can heal not only emotions, but also physical pain such as headaches and back pain.

Music is a vital tool for creating our "brain real world". That's why music has a great power to heal people's suffering, sadness, painful feelings, and even physical pain such as chronic pain. We call this great power of music "medicinal music".

*The placebo effect, translated as placebo effect, is known to be a biological effect caused by opioids in the brain.
※※Medical Music® is a registered trademark of Croix Co., Ltd.

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