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(Croir healing)

Croix original

High quality 4K video library

Healing 4K high-definition video that uses the physiological and psychological functions of video and music

We offer a relaxing time with beautiful images and healing music.

This service provides high-quality 4K video content with original technology created by Croix Co., Ltd.'s state-of-the-art shooting equipment, capturing seasonal landscapes and cultures from all over Japan and around the world, and adding original music. is what you do.

Combining original high-quality 4K video content with original healing music, which is ranked high in the healing music genre cultivated over many years, the CROIX HEALING brand creates a healing space with a relaxing effect. We are developing healing 4K high-definition images that focus on beautiful images and music.

Using the physiological, psychological, and social functions of video and music, we work with doctors, medical institutions, and specialists to recover from mental and physical disorders, maintain and improve functions, improve quality of life, relieve stress, The role of "CROIX HEALING" is to deepen and expand music therapy in modern society, such as improving immunity. We propose health methods and sound treatments that incorporate vision and hearing.

Croix original high-quality 4K video content is a healing movie digital content asset (under This is a service by Croit, a well-being technology company that aims to become an asset.