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Haruhisa Wago


Born in Matsumoto City. After completing graduate school at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, obtained a doctorate in science from Kyoto University. After serving as a professor at Saitama Medical University Junior College, head of the department, and assistant to the president, he served as a professor at the graduate school and the first head of the department at Saitama Medical University. He has been a visiting professor at Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tohoku Normal University, and a part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Nagoya University, Waseda University, Ochanomizu University, Shobi Gakuen University, and the Open University of Japan. Currently, he is a professor emeritus at Saitama Medical University Junior College, a visiting professor at Matsumoto University, and a lecturer at Tokyo Metropolitan University and Nitobe Bunka Junior College. Advisor of the International Society for Personalized Medicine, Honorary Director of the Japan Writers Club, Director of the Japan Clinical Music Research Association, Director of the Public Interest Incorporated Association "Niji no Kai", Member of the USEN Broadcast Program Council, Special Advisor of "Toyo Feather Industry", "UNIV H&H Graduate School" Advisor, "Air Water" Advisor, etc. Specializes in immunomusic medicine and comparative immunobiology, researching the health maintenance mechanisms of animals, including humans. He has served as president of the International Society for Comparative Immunology in Asia and Oceania, vice president of the Japanese Society for Comparative Immunology, director of the Japanese Society of Host Defense, and director of the Japanese Association for Clinical Laboratory Education.

His books include ``Thinking about music therapy in the 21st century'', ``The first year of music therapy'', ``Frequency 528Hz CD book that calms the mind and body'', ``Magic sound of Amadeus that enhances immunity'', ``The power of mucous membranes makes everything better'', ``The most fearful A CD book that protects your autonomic nerves from stress, a CD book for preventing dementia, an introduction to animal immunology, biological defense of insects, blood cells and biological defense of animals, and many others.
CDs supervised by music therapy include "Latest Healthy Mozart Music Therapy", "Cure/Pre-Disease Music Therapy CD", "Healing Mind and Body-Frequency of Love 528 Hz", "Healing Mozart Series", "Ikuno Mozart", and "Mental and Physical Conditioning" Love frequency 528Hz, music therapy for brain activation, anxiety-relieving frequency 396Hz, and many others.

Awards he has received include the Minister of Education Award, the Japan Society of Applied Entomology and Zoology Award, the Japan Society for Clinical Laboratory Education Encouragement Award, and the Japan Record Awards Planning Award (supervised CD).
Many TV and radio appearances. He holds music therapy concerts all over the country and develops healing activities.

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5 solfeggio frequency works that started distribution on December 16, 2022 will be released on CD!


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The distribution of two Solfeggio frequency 528Hz works supervised by Dr. Haruhisa Wago will start on March 24, 2023!

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Two solfeggio frequency healing works supervised by Dr. Haruhisa Wago will start distribution on January 20, 2023!

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528Hz: Rejuvenate Heart and Body:

963Hz: Lead Fortune and Happiness:

Supervised by Dr. Haruhisa Wago, 5 solfeggio frequency works will start distribution on December 16, 2022!

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Solfeggio Piano 174Hz:

Solfeggio Piano 396Hz:

Solfeggio Piano 528Hz:

Solfeggio Piano 639Hz:

Solfeggio Piano 963Hz:

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