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Kiyoshi Nagata

Director of Nagata Clinic Doctor of Medicine, Specialist in Psychiatry Director of Nagata Clinic Born in Naha City. Researched cerebral physiology and sleep at the Graduate School of Medicine, Tokushima University. After working at Tokyo Metropolitan Matsuzawa Hospital, Hayashi Dorin Psychiatric Neurology Hospital, and Okinawa Prefectural Seiwa Hospital, he opened a psychosomatic medicine clinic in Naha City. In clinical practice, he is interested in counseling and practices hypnotherapy, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, internal therapy, psychotherapy, transpersonal, meditation, yoga, NLP, EMDR, solution-oriented approach, positive psychology, and many other psychotherapies. We support patients' wishes, goals, and solutions without relying on drugs while using them. We believe that humor is essential for hope, and strive for bright and enjoyable medical care. He is the author of the Kayo medical essay "Songs are in the World, Prey is in the Song" (Gentosha), which is a counseling interpretation of Kayokyoku.

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