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Fumiko Kato

Mental trainer Certified trainer and corporate training instructor of the American NLP Association.

Graduated from Tsukuba University, completed the clinical course of education at Chiba University Graduate School. My heart was easily hurt and I felt suffocating to live, but when I was a company employee, I encountered psychology and why my heart soon became painful. The mystery of whether it is solved. After that, as I tried myself while studying psychological methods around the world, I realized that "meditation" was an effective method. Lectures, lectures, workshops, and writing activities are held with the desire to collect techniques that make "meditation" easy in daily life and convey it to people who are similarly troubled. Currently, while serving as a corporate training instructor at Miki House, Funai Research Institute, Fuji TV, etc., he has a concentration that incorporates "meditation" in various situations such as professional athletes, corporate managers, teachers, children, and parents. It tells how to raise and how to approach stress.

"Mental HEART THINKING that turns difficulties into opportunities" (President)
"How to Build Confidence to Change Your Life Change The Label" (Sanctuary Publishing)
"Overcome anxiety! Technology to free you from anxiety ”(Gokigen Business Publishing)
"A magical picture book that quickly eliminates the frustration of child-rearing" (Gakken Plus)
"Gokigen Method 66 that makes your heart clear and energetic" (Suiosha)
"71 technologies to eliminate stress" (Toyo Keizai Inc.)
"The habit of" meditation "that prepares your life" (Nihon Jitsugyo Publishing Co., Ltd.)
"It's okay to go up! Technology to overcome sickness in 3 seconds ”
"Call a miracle! Invincible Sports Mental "
"Any trouble can be solved in 5 minutes! Life changes! Problem-solving question technique "
"Picture book poop prince that rejuvenates the heart" (Gokigen Business Publishing)

Many books such as.

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Natural sounds and gentle melodies flow slowly and calm your mind... We have started distributing stress-relieving healing works recommended by mental trainers for those who are stressed by the corona wreck!

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