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Kanata Tanaka

Director of Tokyo TMS Clinic

Doctor / cook

Graduated from Fukushima Medical University Graduated from MBA Course, University of Massachusetts Cook "Supports workers" Co-founded BESLI CLINIC in 2014 to develop drug-independent medical care, and practiced medical management that supports society from the medical field based on 2030 I am.
We support businessmen and businesswomen from the perspectives of industrial physicians and MBAs. I am in charge of medical treatment that approaches the mind from the body based on Japanese and Chinese (Oriental medicine) and hormones.
I studied abroad at Mount Sinai University Hospital in the United States and completed the TMS course at Harvard University. We have introduced TMS to the clinic and provide technical guidance and supervision of TMS tailored to the latest Japanese people in the world.

Currently the director of Tokyo TMS Clinic.

Tokyo TMS Clinic WEB site

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