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Fumihiko Yamada


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Born in Tokyo in 1978. Entered the path of gagaku in 1991 and appointed a musician in 2000. Joined the gagaku group "Tokyo Rakusho" in 2001. Since 2010, he has been a chief hichiriki player of the same group and a part-time lecturer of the Japanese music department of Tokyo University of the Arts, and participated in the NPO Japanese traditional performing arts in 2016. As a traditional performing art, he has been energetically performing at national theater regular performances and other gagaku concerts in Japan and overseas, while pursuing the possibilities of gagaku and pursuing the possibilities of gagaku. Creating performing arts. In charge of general production using gagaku at a dinner hosted by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who will serve US National Security Adviser Ivanka Trump in November 2017. From 2020, he will start activities to popularize gagaku in a new style as the presiding officer of the Gagaku Millennium Association. Holder of the intangible cultural property "Gagaku".


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