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Supervised by a doctor of medicine

~ Music that is easier with the train effect ~ Brain rest-

Music that leads the brain to a healing world as if you were on a train


Release Date: March 5, 2021

Part number: CHCD-1173

Train sound healing series supervised by a doctor of medicine! !!
Healing train music with a virtual experience as if you were on a train and calm music.

☆ Recommended songs
Holiday fun
06 It's a song that makes you feel brighter with a light gait and a light and gentle melody that makes you feel excited.

Included songs

01. Holiday fun

02. reflection

03. Relief from stress

04. Seaside railroad tracks

05. Terrace with greenery

06. With a light gait

07. deep emotion

08. energy

09. calm down

10. Expectations for the terminal station


Recommended Profile

Hiroshi Bando

medical doctor

Councilor of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

Representative of Tokushima Prefecture Sugar Restriction Study Group

After graduating from Tokushima University and obtaining ECFMG qualification, clinical training in family medicine in the United States. Areas of expertise include anti-aging, carbohydrate restriction, music therapy, and sports medicine. Participated in the national polity as an ice skater (1999-2003). President of the 9th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Music Therapy (2009). The 3rd European International Piano Competition (EIPIC) in Japan Silver Award (2012). President of the Japan Primary Care Association (2017).

Editor-in-Chief (Editor-in-Chief, 2021) of four English medical journals related to diabetes. Over 30 books, over 2,000 printed matter, over 200 English treatises . Representative of Tokushima, "New Elderly Society".

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Why do you feel calm when you're on the train? Are you always busy with work? "Busy" is written as losing one's heart (busy = heart + death), and it also leads to forgetting important things (forgetting = death + heart). Sometimes it's a good idea to leave the world and go on a trip by train. You want to be free from the stress of everyday life and relax your mind and body.

In recent years, mindfulness has been attracting international attention. This is a way of life that cherishes "now and this moment" and acts. In the West, it is a psychotherapy used in psychosomatic medicine, and in the East, it is a religious and meditation-like concept. As a practice, mindfulness meditation has also been practiced in medical and welfare settings. Specifically, we will get rid of the confusion and sharpen the senses of the five senses (hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch). It is important to accept as it is without making any judgment.

This training is actually possible without any special facilities or instructors. I decided to get on the train, recognize all the information that comes into my eyes and ears, and look straight at it. The natural scenery flowing out of the window and the sound scenery such as the sound emitted from the train are all accepted as they are. It is a training that calms the mind, calms the mind, and enhances oneself.

Doctor of Medicine Hiroshi Bando

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