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Hiroshi Bando

medical doctor

Councilor of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

Representative of Tokushima Prefecture Sugar Restriction Study Group

After graduating from Tokushima University and obtaining ECFMG qualification, clinical training in family medicine in the United States. Areas of expertise include anti-aging, carbohydrate restriction, music therapy, and sports medicine. Participated in the national polity as an ice skater (1999-2003). President of the 9th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Music Therapy (2009). The 3rd European International Piano Competition (EIPIC) in Japan Silver Award (2012). President of the Japan Primary Care Association (2017).

Editor-in-Chief (Editor-in-Chief, 2021) of four English medical journals related to diabetes. Over 30 books, over 2,000 printed matter, over 200 English treatises. Representative of Tokushima, "New Elderly Society".

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