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Sound Treatment


Music therapy has a long roots and has been recognized for its effectiveness since ancient civilization. Aristotle found a clear medical value in music. Doctor Asclepius actually recommended music to people with emotional injuries. The Old Testament also states that "David cured Saul's depression with a lyre," and the Egyptians called music "the meds of the soul." The Persians are said to have cured their illness with the sound of a lute (a stringed instrument like a guitar). Then, using the physiological, psychological, and social functions of the music, together with doctors, medical institutions, and specialists, recovery of mental and physical disorders, maintenance and improvement of functions, improvement of quality of life and relief of stress, The role of CROIX HEALING is to deepen and expand music therapy in modern society, such as improving immunity. Please try the health method, medicated music (R) , and sound treatment that you can take from your ears.

Produced as a label specializing in sleep and healing, such as sleeping music, relaxation music, meditation music, healing natural sounds, yoga music, Zen music, and classical music that emits healing frequencies such as Mozart and Bach. doing.

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