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Healing to sleep beautifully ~
432Hz music to improve the body


Release date: August 14, 2020

Part number: CHDD-1111

432Hz, which is called the "frequency of the universe". The frequency of water has also been proven to be 432Hz, making it a very pleasant frequency work for humans who are 70% of their bodies.
Deep sleep improves all functions of the body and maintains the beauty of mind and body. It is a beauty music to make you beautiful that gives you such an important sleep.

Included songs

01. Aqua garden
02. Beautiful night
03. Gently
04. Night rainbow
05. Beautiful eyes music
06. Clear
07. Eternal beauty
08. Graceful Dream
09. Serendipity
10. Under the moon
11. Night songs
12. White rain
13. Butterfly
14. Cosy Light
15. Floating on the sky ocean
16. Feel peaceful
17. Mind liberty
18. Your hope
19. Mother
20. Healed bod

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