The eighth: The secret of sleeping train music (second part)
-Why do you get sleepy on the train? The secret of "fluctuation"


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Bando Hiroshi

medical doctor

Councilor of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

Director of Shikoku Branch of Japan Society for Integrated Medicine

When I was swayed by the train, I felt drowsy and drowsy.

I think there are many people who have such experience.

A state of drowsiness can be rephrased as a state of relaxation of mind and body.

In this second part of "The Secret of Sleeping Train Music", let's unravel the secret of getting sleepy on the train.

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1. The secret is "fluctuation" -for meditation with the stimulus received from the train


When young to middle-aged people get on the train, they often feel comfortable in the space.

There are various reasons such as almost regular sounds emitted from the joints of rails, engine sounds and vibrations of the vehicle body, the force of acceleration felt by the body, vision to recognize spatial movement, landscape, soundscape, etc.


Various "fluctuations" are inherent in these, and it is thought that comprehensive healing will be provided.  

Let's explain this mental and physical condition medically.

Train stimulus creates a meditative state


The Cote d'Azur is famous as a scenic resort.

High in the sky, the sun shines brightly, the sea shines, you can hear the sound of the waves approaching, and spending time on the beach is fantastic!


The sky in Paris tends to be cloudy, it rains lightly, and I feel depressed.

On the other hand, if you take a short trip from Paris to Cote d'Azur International Airport, you can enjoy such wonderful nature.

Climate and weather have a great influence on creativity.

When I actually stayed there, I realized that many artists wanted to come here.

You have created a wonderful work that will remain in history.


Many hotels are lined up on the coast, and an international conference was held here.


In Europe, many tourists gather on summer vacations.

It seems that the average temperature will drop by 7 degrees in the week of transition from late summer to early autumn.

I heard that the hotel rooms were vacant, so we were able to organize a rally for thousands of people during that time.


I was surprised to receive the program!

It is as thick as a telephone directory, and the cover page says Ninth International Congress of Endocrinology (NICE).

You have successfully incorporated the characters of NICE in the host city.

It's pretty fashionable and nice!


2. Railway bean knowledge-Tetsu Otaku is also a shooting iron and a riding iron sound iron


Did you know that Nice has a world-famous museum? National Chagall's Museum (Museé national Marc Chagall).


Chagall is called a color magician, and his characteristic blue color "Chagall Blue" is famous.

It is a mysterious and impressive blue to dark blue , and against the background of social turmoil at that time, you can feel the deep compassion that embraces all the joys, sorrows, and sufferings of life.

Beautiful stained glass was also installed in the museum, and its subtle blue color was very impressive.


Now, a little commentary on the French Cote d'Azur.


Côte means "coast coastline" , d'means "of", and Azur means "azare, blue blue" .

In other words, it has been called "Azure Coast" in Japanese.


In a similar way, the name of the country in Africa, Côte d'Ivoire , means "the coast of the ivory ."


3. Dvorak's New World


Czech composer Dvorak is famous as the originator of "Railway Nerd".

He was active at the end of the 19th century and acted as a bridge between classical and pop music.


Japanese poetry is attached to the second movement of the symphony of the representative song "From the New World" , and it is familiar as "The sun has fallen on a distant mountain".


He has loved railroads since he was a child, and even when he was teaching at the Prague Music School, his lesson schedule was based on railroad schedules.


At the age of 51, I was invited as the director of the American Conservatory.

It is said that he agreed to experience the latest railways in the New World.

At that time, the "new world" meant the land of the United States, and I was expecting various developments.

Here are the lyrics of "The sun has fallen on a distant mountain".

Best sleep-a good sleep column by top specialists

Series 8th, according to Hiroshi Bando teacher "to become sleepy in the sleep train music of secret (Part) - Train Why? Secret - of the" fluctuation "" it was.

This summary

  1. The secret is "fluctuation" -for meditation with the stimulus received from the train

  2. Railroad Travel Tips-Iron Otaku is also a shooting iron and a riding iron sound iron

  3. The "new world" seen by Dvorak

  4. Rest your brain with a sleep and get vitality

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Hiroshi Bando

Doctor of Medicine Councilor, Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

Director of Shikoku Branch of the Japanese Society of Integrative Medicine

After graduating from Tokushima University and obtaining ECFMG qualification, clinical training in family medicine in the United States. His areas of expertise include anti-aging, carbohydrate restriction, music therapy, and sports medicine. Participated in the national polity as an ice skater (1999-2003). President of the 9th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Music Therapy (2009). The 3rd European International Piano Competition (EIPIC) in Japan Silver Award (2012). President of the Japan Primary Care Association (2017, Takamatsu).
Editor-in-Chief (Editor-in-Chief, 2020) of four English medical journals related to diabetes. Over 30 books, over 2,000 printed matter, over 250 English treatises. Representative of Tokushima, "New Elderly Society".

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Everyone, relax with the sound of the train!